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“New Members Cocktail Party” held in Kirtland OH

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Tom and Paula Christopher again held a get-together at their lovely home in Kirtland to allow new members to get to know the WBCCI Cleveland Unit in a fun and low-key environment.  With 58 people in attendance, there was a good mix of old and new members.  Tim Caillet, our member who works at Sirpilla RV, ran a tutorial on winterizing your Airstream in advance of the fun and games.  Nineteen folks attended that learning session.  It was such a success that we will ask Tim to run some sessions during 2012 at some of our rallies.  With a number of new members in 2011 and several lined up for 2012, we expect the total membership to be 70+ “units” (that’s RVs, not individuals) before too long.  Clearly this new member get-together is a great way to introduce new folks to the WBCCI “life-style”.